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Generating set

Lanmar has been producing

outstandingly rugged,quiet,reliable,

innovative generator sets.



Lanmar floodlights are designed to

illuminate vast areas in order to facilitate

remote moitoring ,ensuring visibility

and safety for the operative.


Its high quality standards

have enabled LANMAR to achieve 

ISO 9001, NATO 110/120/150 and AQAP

(military) certification

Lighting towers

Lanmar lighting towers are

designed to provide quick, safe

solution to a lack of light in any situation,

by providing appropriate solutions.

Customised projects

With its team of dynamic,

competent engineers,

Lanmar spa is able to deliver design

solutions followed by the construction.


As well as constructing electricity

generator sets, Lanmar spa is also well

established in the rental market.

With a vast assortment of units.



What's New

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